Acorns and Digit Update

in Reviews & Random by Lacey Langford, AFC®

Since it’s Friday and I’ve been excited about my investments the past week, I wanted to share my Acorns and Digit update with you. I’m still having a good time watching both of these accounts grow. What started out as a research project has turned into a source of cash for my family. I love that these companies have found new ways to help people save and invest.  Here’s the low down on how they’re doing. Acorns and Digit


My investment account is currently at $319.42. With a 4.6% return since I started the account on May 10, 2016. I think that’s not bad since I spent less than 30 minutes setting it up. Thus far, I’m still enjoying watching it grow from the spare change from my regular spending. I would still recommend Acorns if you want to begin investing or would like to try another method to invest your money. Acorns and Digit


My savings account is currently at $1,095.42. Crazy! I’m very excited about this savings because I initially set it up to test it out. I have a lot of clients tell me they can’t save $1000 for emergencies, and I thought this might be something I could recommend to people. It has proven correct! Digit has automatically saved more than $1k for me in less than three months. My current balance also includes a 7-day hold I put on the account to pause my savings. Which I did because we moved money from our primary savings account into our checking for the purchase of a new-used vehicle. We didn’t want any of that money moved back to savings. I would still recommend Digit for saving money, especially if you aren’t in the habit already.