3 Reasons Why Change Can Bring You More Money

in Make by Lacey Langford, AFC®

A lot of us are fearful of change. I’m not talking about being scared of the coins you have stuffed in your sofa—I mean being afraid of something different from the way you normally do things.  People fear change because change is uncomfortable.  We’re used to our routines and prefer to keep the status quo.  We sit in the same church pew every Sunday because we’ve gotten used to the people around us, or we keep the same cell phone carrier even though we know it’s not a good deal, all because we prefer to be comfortable.  We’re worried about changing something because it’s the fear of the unknown.  What would happen if I used a different cleaner?  Would they mess up my clothes?  If I move pews will someone creepy sit next to me? We let fear reason away trying something new that could be better for us.  To help build your courage to break out of your comfort zone, here are three reasons why change can bring you more money. cocoons-329070_640

People don’t become successful in life by staying in the same space.  They reach success because they’re willing to go beyond what they normally do.  They do and learn things they have never done before to keep going further in life. Successful people break out of their comfort zone, constantly. [ctt title=”‘To be successful means you’re frequently going to be uncomfortable.'” tweet=”‘To be successful means you’re frequently going to be uncomfortable.’ -Lacey Langford” coverup=”a7cZY”]

Change Saves You Money

By taking the time to look at where you spend your hard-earned dollars and being willing to change what’s not working well, you’ll most likely find money to save.  Is there a dry cleaner that is closer to your house instead of burning gas money to drive across town?  Same goes for the grocery store, is there one near your house versus driving 30 minutes to Whole Foods where you spend your whole paycheck.  Are you paying for a housekeeper that you know is more expensive than your neighbor’s just because you’ve used her for the last two years? Or are you going to the same overpriced hairdresser, that keeps cutting your hair too short because you’re scared to try out a new one for fear of them messing up your color?

Change Attracts Money

When you have a willingness to change and go for more in life, the world will take notice.  Being able to adapt and try new things is a valuable skill set that no a lot of people are willing to do.  Being the first to learn the new system that everyone in your office hates sets you apart from your peers.  It naturally attracts more money for you because you’re the only one in the office that knows how to use it.  Also, people will remember your willingness to improve and have you in mind for the next great thing.


Change Finds New Ways To Make Money

When you’re willing to leave your comfy area, it will open a new world of money-making opportunities.  When you’re actively trying to stay within a certain space in your life, you’ll find nothing new.  The funny thing about change is, once you start trying it, you become comfortable with it.  Then you’re able to go after more in life, like trying to sell the freelance photos you’ve been taking or asking your boss for the raise you deserve. Don’t settle in life but especially don’t settle in your money life.  Go for it and try something different— sometimes it may not work out but most of the time it’s going pay off.