Gaining Actionable Intelligence on Veteran Disability and Other Benefits


For most veterans, starting a VA Disability claim or finding out the benefits you’re eligible for is daunting. There are a lot of moving parts, information, and nuances in almost every aspect of the process. It’s hard to know where to put your first step.


In this episode, Dr. Paul Lawrence is back to break down what you need to know about filing or refiling for disability benefits, how the VA and VSOs help in the process and the other benefits you should take advantage of.

Paul is a businessman, author, and passionate Veteran advocate. He has 35 years of experience solving management problems in large, complex organizations. As a private sector executive, he was a consulting Partner at two Big-Four accounting firms and a Vice President in two Fortune 500 companies.


For almost three years, Lawrence served as Under Secretary of Benefits at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, unanimously confirmed by the Senate on April 26, 2018. As Under Secretary, he was in charge of the Veteran’s Benefits Administration (VBA) leading a team of 25,000 people with an operating budget of $4 billion, administering $120 billion in benefits annually. He implemented proven business practices, streamlined the bureaucracy, and created a public presence rebranding VBA as an organization successfully supporting Veterans.


Veteran Disability and Other Benefits Episode Details

  • The biggest misconceptions about VA benefits
  • Who can receive VA benefits
  • Examples of benefits that are available
  • How filing for VA disability is different from registering with the VA
  • The benefits people use the least
  • How to start the process of getting benefits
  • How your disability rating plays into the benefits you receive
  • VA ratings explained
  • Financial assistance available to veterans
  • Assistance available to veterans in crisis
  • The role Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) play in getting benefits


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Veteran Disability and Other Benefits Resources


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