The Tuition Dilemma: Paying for College and Retirement

Many parents struggle to save for their own future while paying for their children’s education. It’s a tough call, your future or theirs. The decision doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In this episode, I talk to Matt Meline about how you can balance saving for retirement while paying college expenses for your kids and how to prepare for life after your kids leave the nest. Matt is the Founder and CEO of PrairieFire Wealth Planning in Des Moines, Iowa. After an eventful journey of sending his four children to college and becoming an Empty Nester, he authored the book Empty Nest Full Pockets. He hopes to help other parents navigate the challenging transition of getting one’s kids ready to launch while also preparing to become an awesome empty nester! He believes in life-centered financial planning, which focuses on his client’s return on life, not just their return on investment. Matt and I have a great conversation how the thoughts and concerns many of us face about raising fully functioning adults and what life will be like without your kids under the same roof.

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Tuition Dilemma Episode Details

  • The challenges of reaching your financial goals and paying for college
  • How to handle not knowing “the number” you’re saving for
  • Finding a balance between what your child needs and wants and your financial future
  • Tips for preparing for college without negatively impacting your retirement
  • Where you can find money in your current and future budget
  • What you need to know about financial aid
  • What to do when you hit knowledge barriers of education funding
  • How to get the best return on investment from college selection
  • Advice for handling your children’s objective to paying for college nontraditionally
  • Resources to calculate the value of your major compared to what you’ll earn
  • College expenses most people don’t think of
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Tuition Dilemma Resources

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