Protect Your Health & Wealth with TRICARE Around the World

Protect Your Health & Wealth with TRICARE Around the World

Can you use TRICARE around the world? TRICARE not only helps take care of your health, but it also protects your wealth. Travel is a way of life for many military and veteran families. If we’ve learned anything in the military is that anytime you travel, Murphy’s Law, something is going to go wrong. Unfortunately, many times that can be your health. Figuring out TRICARE when you’re on the move and sick or hurt is not fun. Learning about your benefits before you travel can keep your body and wallet healthy. In this episode, John Letaw is going to break down how to use your TRICARE benefits when you travel, common misperceptions, and how to get the most out of your benefits. John is a retired Naval officer and the founder of the popular Facebook group “TRICARE Around the World”, the world’s largest online community dedicated to sharing information about TRICARE. Right now is TRICARE’s Open Season so now’s a good time for us all to brush up on our benefits info. Check out the show notes to get more details on TRICARE Open Season.


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TRICARE Around the World Details

  • What TRICARE is and who is it for
  • Best plan for traveling
  • Differences between Prime and Select
  • Examples of using Tricare around the world
  • Network with your local ex-pat community
  • Getting the most out of TRICARE
  • Qualifying Life Events vs open enrollment
  • Best ways to prepare for travel
  • Urgent vs emergency care
  • Saving money by understanding your benefits
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TRICARE Around the World Resources

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TRICARE helps take care of your health, but it also protects your wealth. Here's how to use TRICARE around the world when you travel.