Tips and Tricks for Traveling on Points

Tips and Tricks for Traveling on Points

Credit card debt can get many people in trouble, but for some, credit cards help them travel and do more for less. In this episode, Derrick Dye, the Co-Founder of Travel on Point(s). Shares some tips and best practices for traveling on credit card points. Derrick always loved to travel and early on figured out a few tricks to save money on airfare and hotels through loyalty programs. But it wasn’t until he and his wife started opening up credit cards for rewards to enhance their travels that he really understood the value. Now Derrick spends his time running a Facebook group, writing blog posts, and hosting zoom sessions to teach people how to maximize their rewards to Travel on Point(s). Derrick shares tips to get started, some rules of thumb for credit cards, benefits you can receive, and most importantly, mistakes to avoid when using credit cards for points.

Tips and Tricks for Traveling on Points Episode Details

  • Traveling on point basics
  • How to get started and the importance of a good financial footing
  • Selecting the right card
  • Transferable currencies
  • 5/24 rule and starting with Chase
  • Card churning and taking advantage of sign-up bonuses
  • Taking advantage of retention offers
  • Best ways to manage multiple cards
  • Tips for redeeming points
  • Mistakes to avoid

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