Financial Planning Tips for Dual Military Couples

Financial Planning Tips for Dual Military Couples

Military married to military has its own sets of benefits and challenges. On one hand, you have great benefits and income but on the other, you have separations and a whole lot of planning and prep to make married and military life work. In this episode, I talk to Certified Financial Planner and veteran, Katie Cannon. Katie is a fee-only financial planner and founder of Money Pilot Financial Advisor. She helps military service members and federal employees envision and build their best financial life. Katie served in the Army as a Black Hawk helicopter pilot and now enjoys riding her horses and life on the farm. Katie shares advice on how dual-military couples can best plan their finances during and after service. She talks about the best thing dual-military couples can do to prepare for retirement and how to plan for the additional expenses of being married to another service member. As well as some considerations you may not know you should be taking with your money now, so it’s not a problem later.

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Financial Planning Tips for Dual Military Couples Episode Details

  • What is a dual-military family
  • Dual-mil and making the most out of your military benefits
  • Increased challenges and expenses
  • Retirement planning
  • One income mindset
  • Considerations for building your family’s emergency fund
  • Things to you must plan for
  • Top mistakes made by dual-mil couples
  • Preparing for transition and retirement together
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