Owning Your Financial Literacy

Financial education and knowledge are important parts of financial success and reaching goals. Often, though, people aren’t taught or raised in an environment to learn about money in a way that builds confidence and helps you avoid financial mistakes. In this episode, Andi Wrenn shares insights on the importance of financial literacy, how to assess your own level of knowledge, and actionable steps you can take to take ownership of improving your financial know how. Andi is an Accredited Financial Counselor® and a Military Qualified Financial Professionl® with a passion for helping people make sound financial decisions for more than two decades. She has a bachelor’s degree in math and education, a master’s in counseling, and is a mediation professional for North Carolina. Andi is Past President of the AFCPE® Board of Directors, and recently retired from working in leadership in military contracts related to personal finance. She continues developing educational programs for CFP®, ChFC®, and AFC® continuing education. As part of her Coaching Capability business she provides experience hours for Financial Coaches, Accredited Financial Counselor candidates, and Certified Financial Planner candidates. She is a military financial subject matter expert.

Owning Your Financial Literacy Episode Details

  • Clear insights on what financial literacy is, how to assess your current knowledge level, and actionable steps to improve your financial know-how.
  • The importance of tracking your spending to understand your values and priorities with money.
  • Common financial literacy mistakes to avoid, like taking advice that doesn’t fit your goals/risk tolerance.
  • The value of having a supportive network and working with qualified financial professionals.
  • Tips on finding reputable financial education resources versus unreliable online information.
  • The episode covers how self-confidence impacts seeking financial knowledge and overcoming the fear of admitting what you don’t know.
  • Recommendations for realistic ways to get started improving your financial literacy through podcasts, websites, classes and working with counselors.
  • How the conversational interview style allows you to draw from your background to provide motivational guidance for listeners at any financial literacy level.
  • Encouragement and a roadmap for taking control of your finances through continuous learning and skill-building.

Owning Your Financial Literacy Resources

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