The New Veterans Benefit Card

Veterans are no different from service members regarding being targets of predatory financial practices and fraud. According to a 2019 report put together by the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust and the Association of Military Banks of America, called the Military Consumers & Marketplace Trust: An Analysis of Marketplace Challenges Facing the Military Community, of the scams reported, the military community suffered financial losses 32% higher than the population as a whole. Now there is a new benefits card to help veterans and military communities protect their benefits and finances. In this episode, I talk to Andia Dinesen about what the card is, how it can help, how it’s different from normal debit cards, and how to get one. Andia Dinesen is the Executive Vice President for Communications & Operations for the Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA). She assists the President/CEO of AMBA in all aspects of communications, operations, and programs, focusing on providing financial readiness support to the military and veteran community through AMBA member banks. Andia maintains and manages the Veterans Benefits Banking Program, a partnership between AMBA and the Veterans Benefits Administration. Andia is also a military spouse, an Accredited Financial Counselor® and has a Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University.

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New Veterans Benefit Card Episode Details

  • Patriot Card basic and background
  • What makes it different from a debit card
  • The technology and features behind the card
  • Cash back rewards program 
  • Who qualifies for the card 
  • How to sign up 
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The New Veterans Benefit Card Resources

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