Money Lessons for Kids (with Sam X Renick)

Money Lessons for Kids (with Sam X Renick)

Sam X Renick discusses how to educate children about money and the importance of sharing the lesson of financial responsibility with them. Sam has created the character, Sammy Rabbit, as a tool to aid parents and a fun way to connect with children as young as three to learn about finances. He will share with us how to influence healthy money habits to set children up for future financial success. Sam is an award-winning financial educator, children’s author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. He is the driving force behind Sammy Rabbit and Sammy’s Dream Big financial literacy education strategy. His efforts have been chronicled and quoted by a variety of media, including NPR, MSN, the New York Times, and the Armed Forces Network.

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Money Lessons for Kids Episode Details

  • The lifetime long impacts of money and how to learn
  • What kids hear from you about money
  • Where money lessons begin with children
  • What we do with our money that shows are priorities
  • How to establish good money habits
  • When you should start teaching money lessons (what age?)
  • What saving money teaches your kids
  • The key behavior that builds future financial freedom and creates a positive relationship with money
  • What comes from more savings
  • How parents can gain confidence with money to help their kids
  • The four basic concepts to start teaching your children
  • The power of surrounding yourself with people who have a similar financial philosophy
  • How to focus on creating healthy habits and a strong foundation
  • How to include financial education in normal activities and in your child’s shopping
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Money Lessons for Kids Resources

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