How to Rewrite Your Money Story & Find Your Path

How to Rewrite Your Money Story & Find Your Path

Finding your path in life and financial success can be hard. Most of us take a broken road to get where we want in life. But are there some easier ways to find your path and to work in your zone of genius? Maybe? In this episode, Mike Zeller shares insights on how to overcome struggles in finding your path to success, how to rewrite your money story, and how to deal with imposter syndrome. Mike Zeller is a business architect and entrepreneur mentor who helps professionals find their zone of genius and their life’s purpose. He has mentored over three hundred high-level entrepreneurs from all over the world. An entrepreneur himself, Mike has founded or partnered in over 20 ventures across multiple industries.

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How to Rewrite Your Money Story & Find Your Path Episode Details

  • Identifying your passions and values
  • What is a “Zone of Genius”
  • How to find your “Zone” using clues in your life
  • Impact of defining life moments
  • Celebrate your greatness
  • Impact of imposter syndrome
  • Creating an alter ego
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