What Happens When You Go From Active Duty to Federal Employee

What Happens When You Go From Active Duty to Federal Employee

What happens when you go from active duty to federal employee? Most military service members and their families at some point have interacted with or worked alongside federal government employees. Have you ever wondered how their benefits compare to yours or even how to join the Civil Service ranks? Did you know that they also have TSP? My guest, Sam, is here to talk to me about financial life as a government employee and share some tips on gaining federal employment Sam is the author of the Government Worker FI. A civil servant since the age of 18, his mission is to help others successfully navigate the federal system and understand their benefits. On his blog, Sam also shares his financial journey and lessons he has learned through personal experiences.

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Go From Active Duty to Federal Employee Episode Details

  • The Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)
  • What happens to your TSP after leaving the service
  • Thrifts Savings Plan (TSP) best practices and uses
  • Differences in use between civilian and military
  • Common mistakes with the TSP
  • Differences in TSP available funds
  • Insights on becoming a government employee
  • Tips for using USAJOBS (successfully)
  • How to get into the “system”
  • The benefits of becoming a civil servant
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Active Duty to Federal Employee Resources

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