The Financial Issues Veterans Face

The Financial Issues Veterans Face

Service members separating and retiring from the military face a unique set of financial challenges. Challenges that can have lasting financial ramifications unless you prepare for them. In this episode, I talk with Dr. Ann James about the financial challenges veterans face, how you can better prepare for them before you get out, and resources you can use now. Dr. Ann James a fellow Air Force veteran, Accredited Financial Counselor, and podcaster. She’s the founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Battle Buddies, with the mission to educate and equip military service women and veterans to renew their mindset, regain control over their behavior, and reclaim confidence in their ability to manage money so that they can live life freely.

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Financial Issues Veterans Face Episode Details

  • Lack of preparation
  • Loss of sense of purpose / community
  • Intangible benefits of service i.e. the Exchange and CDC
  • Veteran Identity Crisis
  • Understand that at some point you will be transitioning or retiring
  • How to financially prepare for transition
  • Importance of creating healthy habits while serving
  • Income producing assets
  • Resources available to Veterans and Service Members
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Financial Issues Veterans Face Resources

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