Preparing Your Finances for Leaving the Military

Preparing Your Finances for Leaving the Military

One way or another, you will leave military service, and your finances will change when you do. In this episode, I talk to Clay Stackhouse about how you can prepare your finances long before you leave the military. Clay Stackhouse is a Regional Outreach Manager at Navy Federal. Clay previously served in the Marines for 25 years, having been a Navy Federal member for 34 years. He is passionate about interacting with military families on all things personal finance. Clay shares tips on when to start preparing your finances to leave the military, the things you should not do, and how to keep your finances strong long after you leave the military.

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Preparing Your Finances for Leaving the Military Episode Details

  • When to start planning
  • Important financial foundations
  • Available resources
  • Preparing for uncertain financial times out of uniform
  • Best practices and mistakes to avoid
  • Having a plan
  • Tips for Military Spouses
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Preparing Your Finances for Leaving the Military Resources

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