Starting A Financial New Year

in Plan by Lacey Langford, AFC®

It’s hard to believe, but the New Year is here!

As with all the other years gone by, everyone’s talking about dreaded New Year’s resolutions. Some are ready to face the beginning of the year head on—proud to announce their list of things to accomplish. Others may still be processing 2015 and aren’t quite ready to tackle 2016 just yet. Regardless of your new year state of mind, there’re ways to set your year up for success. Below are my top three ways to kick off the year.

Rewind but be kind

Look back over the past year, write out all of your accomplishments from 2015, all of them. There may be some you forgot, keep asking yourself, what else? Did you give up diet coke this year, run four miles without stopping or ask for a raise at work? Be kind to yourself and write down all the things you did that made you feel good. Just when you think you can’t come up with anything else, ask your family and friends if they would tell you some of the things they remember you did this year. Now, read over your list and be proud of all your achievements. Often people go into the new year beating themselves up for the past year. Arming with a 2015 list will remind you of all your can accomplish but also put you in the positive state of mind to plan your goals for 2016.

Change the past

Start 2016 by letting go of the past. So you didn’t keep your 2015 resolution to learn Spanish or missed your saving goal. Everything has been a learning experience until now, quickly reflect ways that may have helped you reach your goals. Maybe your time management wasn’t perfect, or you weren’t mentally prepared, whatever the situation was, keep the positive part to plan for your future—drop the feeling of failure and focus on learning from the past. It could be that you need to use a calendar system to manage your time or start each day with meditation.   Changing how you look at that past will help you pick the parts you need for success and let go of what’s holding you back.

Think happy thoughts

Improve the way you think by staying positive in your mind. The moment you start telling yourself, I can’t, or it’s never going to happen, cut yourself off and be positive. Remember how great you are. Would you stand quietly and listen if a strange woman called to say, “you can’t do that, remember how you failed last time or your goals are stupid, and you shouldn’t even bother trying?”  No, you wouldn’t, so don’t take that crap from yourself either. There’re plenty of negative people willing to hold you back—you shouldn’t be one of them. money and new year My top three ideas are great for starting your new year on the right foot, but the most important part is, you must believe in yourself.  Remember also to be kind to yourself and let go of the past to stay positive and focus on your goals for the year.

Have a very happy New Year,